About My Classes

My name is Laraine Padbury and I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years. During that time I have worked for adult education, various sports centres and at the Institute in Colchester.  I first came to yoga as a student over 30 years ago not knowing what to expect.  I think, at the time, my only interest was in the physical side of yoga but I very quickly learnt that yoga had far more to offer and it soon began to permeate every aspect of my life.

For me, yoga has all the answers. That is the beauty of yoga.  You go where you want on the journey.  It’s your practice and it’s for you to take from what you want or need.

Some arrive at yoga because they want to keep fit, tone their bodies and improve their flexibility.

Others come because they want a “time out,” time to de-stress and to relax. Some students find their way to yoga because they want relief from a particular ailment, i.e. back problems, hypertension, asthma, anxiety etc.

For others yoga is a spiritual journey.

Whatever your goal yoga has something to offer.